The Art Of Wearing Pocket Squares

If you feel as though your suits really aren’t sending out the masculine signals you want them to, it could be due to the fact that you really haven’t explored the potential of pocket squares.


Why Have Pocket Squares

Pocket squares may seem like a small touch on a suit, but they accomplish a lot more than you might give them credit for:

  • Pocket squares reflect a number of values and attitudes. They tell the world at large that you have a strong degree of self-confidence, and that you are someone who pays a great deal of attention to the small details that make up their sense of style. It has been suggested that only insecure men refuse to learn how to use pocket squares to their fullest potential.
  • Pocket squares are versatile. You would be very surprised indeed to discover how many different styles of suits they can work with, not to mention the different sorts of occasions in which it is appropriate (or even ideal) to wear a pocket square.
  • Pocket squares are easier to use than you might think.
  • Pocket squares emphasize class and sophistication.


The occasions in which you can wear a pocket square are worth mentioning again. There are several circumstances that allow you to take advantage of what a pocket square can do for you:

  • You can always wear them with suit coats, sports coats, or blazers.
  • They are ideal for all formal occasions.
  • You can use a pocket square with or without a tie. It can work either way.
  • The various types of pants you can wear with a sports jacket or blazer doesn’t change whether or not you put on a pocket square. If you’re wearing the sports coat or blazer, you can add the pocket square to your ensemble.


There are several ways in which you can fold the pocket square. You can opt for something simple and straightforward for those circumstances that allow for more casual wardrobe choices. There are also more elaborate folding techniques that can allow you to be more creative, or meet the ideal wardrobe for a more professional situation. You can even go the extra mile and iron each of the folds in your pocket square.

The message you send out to the rest of world with a pocket square is clear: You are someone who knows they look good, and you deserve to be taken seriously by others.