How To Make Your Suit More Exciting

Sometimes no matter how good you look in your suit, it isn’t enough. You want to show a little more character.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to accessorize a suit. Here is a list of some accessories that can add real pizzazz to your work wardrobe, with a few things to keep in mind for each:


Shirt: Everyone goes with a white shirt, so why not try something a little different?  Whether you dip your toes into the waters of boldness with a light blue, or get a little crazy with a bright orange or a bold geometric pattern, changing up your shirt color, at least once in a while, will get you noticed.

Tie: The tie is probably the item of clothing most men in a suit use to express themselves.   There are countless styles out there, and if you’re in doubt, a black tie on a white shirt is the classic go-to solution.  But may we suggest an interesting pattern brought out even more by a pocket square?  Of course, there’s more to a tie than just color.  Width might be a consideration – but think long and hard.  The general rule is that a tie should be between 3 and 3.5 inches at its widest point.  But there is a retro charm in skinny ties, too….  Whatever you choose here, make sure your look comes together, and that you wear it with confidence.  That is the essential.  And also, try to stay away from joke or novelty ties.  No matter how confident you are (or how funny you think the tie is), they don’t really tend to leave an impression of stylishness on anyone.


Tie pin: An accessory that isn’t widely seen today and one that always gets noticed.  From a subtle, straight bar, to something more elaborate, there’s a wide range of tie pins to choose from. Make sure that you wear yours with confidence – and remember that it shouldn’t be too over-the-top in a professional or formal setting.  If you wear a tie pin, also bear in mind other jewelry-type items you’ve got on: too much bling can look a bit tacky, so choose prudently.  You should also consider where you want to draw the eye.  A pocket square coupled with a tie pin might just be too much going on around your upper and mid-torso, so think about choosing one or the other.

Socks: The basic answer is always solid black.  But why not have a little fun, and still look stylish?  A pair of solid red or yellow socks, for example, can add an occasional, unexpected flash of color when you’re sitting at your desk.  Be sure your socks are in impeccable condition, and that they don’t have anything silly (cartoon characters and the like) printed on them.  And of course, if you’re going the unusual socks route, make sure they compliment your tie, shirt, and/or pocket square – don’t just put on a randomly chosen pair.

Pocket square: Quite possibly our favorite way to accessorize a suit.  Whether you choose a solid color or a pattern, the key is for the pocket square to compliment your tie, not mirror it, so don’t choose the same solid color/fabric for both.  There’s an incredible range of pocket squares out there, making for a wide selection of materials and patterns or colors.  Check out our other pocket squares articles to find the one that’s perfect for you.


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