How to Match a Bow Tie with a Pocket Square

Most men have suits that they usually use for special occasions or as office attire. Wearing them is somewhat simple yet finding and choosing the right match of pocket square and tie is an art and fashion statement as well. This is one way of making your suit more attractive and presentable.

Some of you might not consider adding pocket square in your suits because of the complexity of matching and also the cost. Well, this item does not cost much. Any men can afford buying it and express themselves by using it as well. This article will tackle the major question that runs through your mind: How to match a bow tie with a Pocket Square?

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Great discussion and pointers that will surely guide you in matching and letting the crowd see your fashion style and charm.

  • Yes, there are no rules that your pocket square and bow tie  must match each other. Some of you might not agree but with regards to fashion, it’s not really advisable since this is the time for you to be creative and expressive. You can’t do this just by plainly matching the two. This will make your outfit common and boring. You may consider using a pocket square that matches one or two color of your bow tie but not identically the same. Does it confuse you? Since you’ve seen matched items in the store, well, definitely stores offers people with matched items. This makes it easier for them to sell and for you to easier to choose and buy. Your main objective is to match it with others. Keep in mind that they don’t have to be exactly the same. The important thing is that they complement color from your outfit making the suit more especial and eye soothing.

how to match your pocket square with a bow tie

  • Avoid using solid color tie matched with solid color pocket square. This will make you look o ordinary. You may like to consider using patterns, but make sure that on each piece it should differ in size. You can combine widely if you choose to wear patterns.


  • Just like with the tie, there are over 100 types of folds that you may consider using. Well, pocket square have variety of artistic and creative folds you can choose from. You may try using different fold in every occasion. You can let them see your fashion statement in just one piece of an item. You may consider browsing different videos on Youtube  that shows methods of folding it the right way. Otherwise, check out the Glamorous Pochette Blog, we have got you covered.


So, avoid the plain look and add some details that will surely make any girl turn their neck and drop their jaw once they see you step on the venue.

If you ever you experience difficulty in finding pocket square being sold separately, then buy at least 3 to 5 sets of matched items and start experimenting. Learn to mix and match and let your personality stand out among others. This will make you feel good, add confidence, and boost your pride. Express yourself in many ways as possible. Let them see the real you by your chosen outfit and style.

Stay classy. Be Glamorous. Glamorous Pochette.